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IFOSS L R issue 3 published

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Ok: the third issue of IFOSS L R is now public. There are a number of interesting articles and writings:

1. Again, Andrew Katz writes a very pleasant to read book review. And this time, I need to get the book, too.

2. Andrew Sinclair writes a short article on BSD-license, tying the loose ends up. And I agree to the community view on BSD licenses permissions on modifying, reproducing and even sublicensing: it is there and Andrew just made it an IFOSSLR tad stronger.

Although there is a clear consensus that reproducing a work is permitted under BSD licenses, I have also been thinking that in the language of the BSD, “distribution” of software could be considered to include reproduction and distribution.

There is an interesting thread on GPL-compatibility, although Andrew could perhaps write a couple of paragraphs more on this.

3. Then there is my and Mikko-Pekka Partanen’s article on practical FOSS package compliance. I’m excited about the article and our work with Validos. I hope the article serves its purpose: takes a step towards a consensus on practical compliance conclusions. It was really an effort to get it finished in time for the publication, but we did it; and not least thanks to quick peer reviewers.

Then there is a number of other writings articles, but I haven’t had the time to read them yet…

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June 21, 2010 at 9:51 pm

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Paris “GPL” case in IFOSSLR

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The second issue of IFOSSLR was published yesterday.

Due to my blog on the Paris GPL case, I was actually asked to write a case law report to IFOSSLR. It was also published now.

I had the chance to read in advance Richard Kemp’s article Towards Free/Libre Open Source Software (“FLOSS”) Governance in the Organisation and heartily recommend it due to its building block approach and many examples.

I also just finished reading Andrew Katz’ book review on Law and the Internet and it surely was professional, but it was also entertaining!

Glad to see the publication flourishg: I and Mikko-Pekka Partanen are proposing a new article on open source compliance and the practical legal conclusions used in reviewing packages and source code and their license compliance. This is based on our work with Validos and has also a purpose to make public (and therefore subject to criticism and improvement) the compliance methodology used by Validos.

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January 29, 2010 at 9:14 pm

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