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Bomb and Tweezers Extension to Rock, Paper and Scissors!

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Everybody knows the traditional game of rock, paper and scissors. It just got an extension to give it some more depth!

Add to this game a bomb and tweezers with the following rules additions!

The game is traditionally played with two or more persons. Each player shows with his hand a sign of either rock (fist), paper (flat hand) or scissors (horizontal V-sign). The winner is solved as follows: rock wins scissors, scissors wins paper and paper wins rock.

Add to this game a bomb and tweezers with the following rules additions. A bomb wins every other object except tweezers and tweezers win only against a bomb and lose against everything else.

We have used the following signs: bomb is a fist with the forefinger halfly lift up and tweezers is a fist with the little finger lift up.

Many people seem to intuitively  think that a bomb would be the mostly used object. (But if you would do so, then you would loose, since your opponent would always use the tweezers.) It is actually quite balanced and we have found it to give a nice extra to the games.

This is something my son (less than 7 years) was experimenting with during our holidays in July. With his idea to add some new items to the game, I took a (perhaps) mathematical approach to the idea, and then we developed the extension: Bomb and Tweezers!

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August 31, 2009 at 11:14 am

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